About Us
Code of Ethics
  1. The interests of the client will always come before those of the Firm.
  2. We will serve clients on a fixed-fee basis and not on a percentage basis. To do the latter would create the impression that our efforts were solely for financial gain.
  3. Our publicity will make no false or misleading claims as to our ability to achieve success for our clients.
  4. Members of the firm will at all times conduct themselves in a thoroughly professional manner.
  5. Members of the firm will work conscientiously and wholeheartedly on behalf of the clients they are serving.
  6. We will serve those institutions/organizations which have responsible volunteer boards, serve a meaningful role in their fields, and operate within the guidelines of applicable state and national statutes.
  7. We will undertake to serve those institutions/organizations for which we believe our involvement can make a positive difference.
  8. We will work tirelessly to help our clients conduct advancement programs of such quality that there will be three results:
    • The constituency of the institution/organization will become more thoroughly familiar with its character, ideals, and objectives;
    • They will meet their financial objectives; and
    • Such goodwill for the client will be built that the result will be continuing, generous support in future years.