About Us
Our Values

In 1953, our founder, Dr. Arnaud Marts wrote of “fostering the spirit of philanthropy.” In 2001, on the occasion of the firm’s 75th anniversary, we proudly reaffirmed our statement of purpose as being that of “enhancing the world we live in through service to the philanthropic community.” This is what we do. It is why the firm exists.

We also reaffirmed the values that inspire, guide and unite generations of the firm’s members, in support of philanthropy and each other.

  • Service – The Client Comes First
  • Integrity – Ethical Practice and Honesty
  • Individualism – Respect of Perspective and Self-direction
  • Growth – Professional and Personal, for Clients and the Firm

These values are what we stand for. Many Marts & Lundy practices have evolved through the years and these values serve as markers amidst the currents of inevitable change.