Our People
Management & Administrative Staff

Brenda Aguilar-Rodriguez

Associate, Client Relations

Long Island, New York

Lisa Castellano

Senior Administrative Assistant

Wood Ridge, New Jersey

Elana Churchill

Proposal Writer, Client Services

Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Lorry E. DiCecco

Director of Marketing

Charlottesville, Virginia

Alanna Elie

CRM Coordinator

Washington, DC

Donald M. Fellows

President & Chief Executive Officer

San Diego, California

Mary Gamonal

Manager Corporate Contracts, Filings and Registrations

Paterson, NJ

Matthew R. Hassert

Senior Financial Analyst

Wayne, New Jersey

Martha H. Keates

Senior Consultant & Principal; Director of Client Relations and Business Development

Claremont, California

Katherine McStowe

Senior Financial Associate, Assistant Treasurer & Assistant Secretary

Secaucus, New Jersey

Robert C. Miskura

Vice President, Chief Financial & Administrative Officer

Rutherford, New Jersey

Kristina Purguy

IT Administrator

Nutley, NJ

Angela C. Sheffer

Marketing Coordinator

Murrells Inlet, South Carolina

Elizabeth Standard

Associate, Client Services

Atlanta, Georgia

Droslyn C. Suggs

Senior Associate Consultant, Client Services

Richmond, California

Sheranda Traille

Contracts Assistant

Ashley Valentin

Associate Accountant