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At Culver, Strong Tradition Results in Generous Alumni

When the Culver Academies' Black Horse Troop and Equestriennes paraded in front of the reviewing stand at last January's presidential inaugural parade in Washington, D.C., they exhibited a degree of poise unusual in high school students. Their dignified restraint called to mind the admonition of the anonymous football coach whose team got too exuberant in victory. "Now, boys," the coach said. "Act like you've been here before."

Solid Fundraising Strategy and Genuinely Happy Students Spur Campaign Success

Dude, you got into Flintridge Prep?
That's awesome, man.

"Hokie Family" Fuels Virginia Tech's Campaign

Drive almost anywhere in America's mid-Atlantic region, and you will see so many displays of the distinctive orange and maroon colors of Virginia Tech, so many stylized logos and defiant Hokie emblems that the thought inevitably arises: There can't be that many Tech alumni, or that many parents of Tech alumni. There can't be even that many Tech football fans, though the Hokies have the fourth-longest bowl streak in the U.S., participating in bowl games in each of the past 15 seasons, playing in, but losing, the national championship in the 2000 Sugar Bowl.

Volunteers "Proudly" Lead Way in University of Cincinnati Campaign

The first colleges in America were located in towns and villages along the Eastern Seaboard, administered by churches for the training of their clergymen, and dedicated to propagating time-honored truths that should not be questioned. Unapologetically elitist in nature, determined to make higher education the domain of credentialed professionals, they made immense contributions to the nation's founding.

M&L Minute #5: Weathering Recession, Nonprofits Position Themselves for Future Growth

The economic recession has affected philanthropic giving across all sectors. Many of Marts & Lundy's clients have undergone changes in their development programs as a result of shrinking endowments and unexpected budget pressures. The question organizations are asked often by their boards, management, and donors is: How do we do more with less?

M&L Minute #6: As Economic Recovery Looms, Historical Patterns in Giving Remain Unchanged

As we move from a recessionary period to a recovery period—a recovery period that could last for years—organizations in the philanthropic sector need to know how their peers are faring. Is giving up, down or holding steady? Which sources of giving seem most affected, and what has been the impact on participation rates?

Marts & Lundy and Raybin Associates Form Partnership

Lyndhurst, NJ (December 1, 2009)

Marts & Lundy, one of the nation’s leading philanthropic consulting firms, and Raybin Associates, a New York City-based fundraising and strategic management consulting firm, today announced the formation of a strategic partnership.

Wilson Named Executive Director of White House Initiative

John Silvanus Wilson, Jr., Of Counsel at Marts & Lundy, has been named executive director of the White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). Appointed in midsummer by President Barack Obama, Wilson will work with the HBCU Board of Advisors and assist U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan as liaison between the executive branch of government and the colleges and universities. He will also work with 32 federal agencies that support these institutions with federal grants and contracts.

Marts & Lundy and Plus Delta Partners Form Strategic Partnership

Lyndhurst, NJ (December 2009)

Marts & Lundy, one of the nation's leading philanthropic consulting firms, has announced the formation of a strategic partnership with Plus Delta Partners, a California-based firm dedicated to training and coaching fundraising professionals to ensure more efficient and effective major gifts fundraising.

Looking Ahead to 2010

As we continue to work our way through the most hallenging economic environment in years, we wanted to make several suggestions on strategy to consider in planning for the coming year.