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M&L Special Reports

Focused reports on philanthropy trends: what’s happening and what’s ahead.

In addition to our ongoing publications, such as Counsel, our consultants often identify opportunities to share their experiences in the field through Special Reports. These reports offer philanthropy professionals information on emerging solutions, benchmarks for current activities and insights fresh from the consultant’s view.

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Strategic Communications

Bruce R. McClintock

David B. Gillig, FAHP

Devin T. Mathias

John M. Cash, Ph.D.

Lynne LaMarca Heinrich

Myrna Hall

Nancy L. Raybin

Nelson C. Lees

Penelope A. Scarpucci

Ronald J. Arena

Sarah W. Williams

Thomas W. Thomsen

Tina G. Donahoo

Tracy G. Savage

Willard E. White, Ph.D.