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Marts & Lundy is pleased to present a series of web seminars developed specifically for fundraising professionals. Each program will provide an opportunity for you to hear from experts in fundraising consulting, who offer insights based on their experience in the field--both from their work with clients and from their work as development professionals in nonprofits prior to joining Marts & Lundy. 


We welcome your ideas for future web seminars. Simply e-mail Lorry DiCecco at with your thoughts.





Making Strategic Use of the Giving USA 2014 Report


What does the Giving USA 2014 annual report tell us about where we should focus our fundraising efforts now – and for at least the next few years?


As a member of The Giving Institute, we’ve seen a preview of the data, and our senior consultants have had the opportunity to discuss this critical question. We’d like to share our thoughts with you and to continue the discussion on the state of philanthropy in the U.S. and how the profession of philanthropy can shape its future.


Please join us for our free web seminars on Making Strategic Use of Giving USA 2014.


We’re offering two versions of the program this year. You can choose the one that best suits your work, but you are welcome to join us at both.



What does the 2014 report mean for education, healthcare and arts and culture institutions?


Thursday, June 19
3:00-4:00 p.m. ET


Nancy Raybin, Senior Consultant & Principal
Karen Callahan, Senior Consultant & Principal
Phil Hills, Senior Consultant & Principal
Michael Sinkus, Leader of the Higher Education Practice Group






A deeper dive into the 2014 report and its implications for higher education.


Thursday, June 26
1:00-2:00 p.m. ET


John Cash, Ph.D., Chair of the Board
Michael Sinkus, Leader of the Higher Education Practice Group






Giving USA 2014: The Annual Report on Philanthropy for the Year 2013, is a public service initiative of The Giving Institute. Please visit starting June 17, 2014, to order your copy of the report. For more information on The Giving Institute, visit




It’s Your Pyramid, Who Says You Have To Start At The Bottom?
A new paradigm for kick-starting development progra
Presented by Roy Muir and Michael Sinkus
Broadcast on April 24, 2014


Big data, powerful information systems and accelerated communication channels have opened up tremendous opportunities for development programs. No longer must we have five-plus years of an annual giving program behind us before we can begin to identify donors for potentially large gifts. And with major gifts to higher education in the news every week, there is no better time to think about how your organization can attract these donors and their big gifts.

In this web seminar, you’ll learn:

  • Why you will be successful within this new paradigm
  • The ingredients of a staffing and action plan to seek larger gifts in order to drive greater revenue into your institution sooner rather than later
  • The results you can expect

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ROI and ROA: Communication metrics that make sense
Presented by Charlie Melichar
Broadcast on March 25, 2014


Organizations are focused on return on investment in communications, but what about our constituents? How do they perceive your efforts? To them, it’s less about Return on Investment and more about Return on Attention, or ROA. This webinar covers the balance of measuring the return on your communication efforts and making sure that you are wisely using the time your audiences give you.


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Managing Top Talent: Nurturing and Retaining Your Superstars
Presented by Penny Hunt
Broadcast on February 12, 2014


The best development professionals are in high demand. In this program, Penny will discusses how to identify the rising stars on your team and shares practical techniques to keep them on your team for the long run. Questions she addresses include:

  • What is the cost of losing a major gifts officer?
  • How healthy is the dynamic between your frontline fundraising staff and the team that is crucial to supporting them?
  • Should you have special programs for top performers?
  • What are elements of an effective education and training program for staff?

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Annual Giving in 2014 – Trends on the Horizon
Presented by Devin Mathias, Consultant
Broadcast on January 23, 2014


During this webinar Devin examines some of the promising trends in annual giving, some to avoid and ideas for improving your program in the year ahead. Specific topics he discusses include:

  • Should you be starting a crowdfunding campaign?
  • What type of research would best serve your annual giving efforts?
  • Is the phone still in play?
  • Is direct mail still worthwhile?

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Savvy Strategies for Savvy Donors: Maximizing Engagement at the Top of the Donor Pyramid

Presented by Rebecca Girvin-Argon, Senior Consultant, Marts & Lundy, and Noel Salinger, Director of Individual Giving, Smithsonian Institution
Broadcast on October 16, 2013


Top donors are seeking greater personal involvement and more dramatic outcomes—while at the same time they are giving more selectively and to fewer organizations. In this seminar Rebecca and Noel suggest thoughtful approaches to building relationships with your most valued prospects and friends. After a quick overview of current trends in million-dollar giving, they discussed

  • The personal and the social dynamics that motivate top donors
  • Proven ideas for building engagement
  • The growing importance of voluntarism to wealthy families
  • How to balance a donor-centric approach with your responsibility as an advocate for your organization

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Making Strategic Use of the Giving USA 2013 Report
Broadcast on July 12, 2013


Our Panelists: Michael F. Sinkus, Senior Consultant & Principal, Leader, Higher Education Practice Group; David B. Gillig, Senior Consultant, Member, Health Sciences Practice Group; Willard E. White, Senior Consultant & Principal, Leader, Arts & Culture Practice Group; Introductory remarks by Nancy Raybin, Senior Consultant & Principal, former Chair of The Giving Institute and of the Giving USA Foundation.


The Indiana University School of Philanthropy, our partner in producing Giving USA, gathers a tremendous amount of data about giving each year. As philanthropy practitioners, we have a keen interest in how to use this information to improve fundraising results, so an informed analysis and the dialogue that will follow are of great importance. This free web seminar went beyond the data to address how to make strategic use of the findings. 

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Evaluating Fundraising Success: Insights for Independent Schools

Presented by Tracy Savage, Senior Consultant & Principal

Broadcast on April 25, 2013


In this web seminar, Tracy discusses how to identify the most helpful measures of success as well as how and when to gather the data and apply an analysis that can help guide future activities. Specifically, she examines the role of these measures:

  • Progress Against Goals
  • Successes, Failures and Key Indicators
  • Trends
  • How We Compare with Others
  • Donor Attitudes
  • The Cost of Our Fundraising
  • The Impact of Our Fundraising Results

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How to Partner with Your Academic Colleagues

Presented by Penny Hunt, Senior Consultant

Broadcast on March 14, 2013


In today's environment, nurturing donors is a full-team effort. But at many institutions faculty and academic leaders are reluctant members of the team, or refuse to participate at all. It doesn't have to be that way. Join Marts & Lundy to learn how development officers like you can cross the aisle and enlist the support of deans and faculty — and actually get their enthusiastic support! Learn proven techniques to change the internal dynamics of institutional fundraising.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to train academics who don't think they need training
  • How to build trusting relationships with faculty
  • How to encourage people to participate in prospect management
  • How to win over difficult personalities and establish mutual respect
  • How to co-manage your development team
  • Practical techniques to engage academics in your work

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