Fundraising Projections & Prospective Donor Modeling

Campaign Capacity Analysis

Marts & Lundy's Campaign Capacity Analysis quantifies your institution's fundraising potential, suggests appropriate ranges for campaign goals, calculates the number of prospects required at each gift band, and outlines the manpower required for success.

By reviewing your institution's wealth screening information and/or by building custom predictive models, Marts & Lundy’s analysts examine each prospect's financial capacity and inclination to give to your institution, pulling the data together in a data-driven model that quantifies your institution’s major gifts fundraising potential.  After adding baseline gift (non-campaign) projections to your major gifts potential, the Capacity Analysis’ first step is to project realistic ranges for your next comprehensive campaign. Two final steps calculate whether you have the prospects, staff, and volunteers to achieve your campaign dollar goal.

Capacity Analysis Results

Mid-and Post-Campaign Capacity Analyses

To enhance the strategies developed from the Campaign Capacity Analysis, Marts & Lundy offers both mid-campaign and post-campaign reviews. The Mid-Campaign Capacity Analysis ensures that institutions remain on course or suggests ways that it must adjust strategies based on remaining potential. The Post-Campaign Capacity Analysis examines whether the intended strategy worked to its fullest and whether your institution was able to maintain its projected productivity throughout the campaign, providing important baseline information as you plan for your next major drive.

Annual Giving Capacity Analysis

Marts & Lundy’s Annual Giving Capacity Analysis is similar to the Campaign Capacity Analysis yet is adjusted to reflect the annual giving potential of your prospective donors at all levels. By analyzing your institution's annual fund history and by reviewing the current giving potential of your constituents (typically by reviewing wealth screening ratings or by building custom predictive models), Marts & Lundy projects annual giving results over a ten- to twenty-year period, comparing what they are likely to be if your institution continues its current tactics versus what they could be if your institution changes to improve rates of return. In addition, the Annual Giving Capacity Analysis makes recommendations about the staff and strategic resources required to improve your annual fund

Planned Giving Capacity Analysis

Marts & Lundy has responded to the requests of its clients by developing an innovative Planned Giving Capacity Analysis. The Planned Giving Capacity Analysis reviews your institution’s planned giving history, examines its potential for the future by reviewing your age, ratings, and wealth screening information, and projects  what your program can produce in the future if no significant changes are made as compared with what your program could achieve with more effective strategies. In the context of a comprehensive campaign, the Planned Giving Capacity Analysis suggests the role planned gifts may play and identifies the prospect segments that may be most conducive to blended gifts.