Campaign Planning Studies

Our Approach to Campaign Planning Studies

Marts & Lundy pioneered what has become the industry standard traditional feasibility study—interviews with dozens of prospective donors—in the 1930’s.  Over the last two decades, we have added more robust and quantitative measures  to this qualitative measure of feasible campaign size and success:

  1. The Marts & Lundy Capacity Analysis, taken together with the qualitative insights of top donors prospects, provides a much more holistic and realistic view of both the comprehensive philanthropic capacity of your constituents and their likelihood of giving to this campaign at this time.  This is far more accurate than hypothetical gift tables and campaign goal estimates based on a limited number of personal interviews.
  1. The Marts & Lundy Constituent Survey takes your case to a wider audience of potential donors in a highly cost effective manner, providing you with far greater insight into your constituent’s likeliness to support your campaign efforts.

Our campaign planning studies focus on an examination of the three key pillars of a successful campaign:   

Your Case — How widely is your vision for the future understood and supported among both internal and external constituents?  Are your fundraising plan priorities compelling to key stakeholders, including members of the Board, major donor prospects, and other friends and leaders?

Your Constituents — Where will the dollars come from?  Which individuals, corporations, and foundations have a stake in your future and what is their capacity and inclination to give?  What is their inclination to give? How do those variables translate into a reasonable projection of philanthropic potential?

Your Catalysts — Who are the individuals making the compelling argument about the future of your organizations?  Who will drive this campaign?  Who will lead this effort on a staff level and as a volunteer?  Are the business policies and procedures in place to support significantly increased levels of activity?

Before making recommendations about a campaign fundraising plan, we evaluate each of these key elements and make strategic recommendations based on our findings.

To learn more about how a Marts & Lundy Campaign Planning Study can help your organization’s campaign fundraising plan, please call Martha Keates, Director of Client Relations and Business Development at +1 201-460-1660 ext. 166 or email to