Alumni Programs

Alumni Program Work

Over the past decade, many educational institutions have seen an erosion of alumni participation in the life of the academic community – fewer alumni attending on-campus reunions, fewer alumni volunteering their time to support the institution in a variety of ways, and fewer alumni making annual contributions.  While Marts & Lundy doesn’t have THE answer to this problem for every institution, we are working closely with our clients to find answers that work for them to re-energize their alumni base and, in so doing, enhance alumni fundraising.

For some clients this means a closer look at their communications efforts – print, internet, social media, in-person – and making certain there is a two-way flow of information and discussion.  We make sure that both parties, alumni and the institution, acknowledge how they can be of assistance to each other.  For some clients, we provide regular on-site meetings with alumni staff to monitor alumni programming and make adjustments where needed.  For others we conduct in-depth alumni program assessments to determine weakness and opportunities for improvement in staffing, programs, communications, and other areas.

Along with our core group of consultants, the firm has relationships with affiliates consultants on Of Counsel staff who are specialists in the area of alumni programs and affiliated alumni fundraising efforts such as annual giving and reunion giving.


Assessment of Alumni Programs

Because each assessment is designed specifically for the particular institution’s alumni program and organization, there is no one assessment template that works for everyone.

The objective of a Marts & Lundy alumni program assessment is to evaluate a particular program’s efficacy in engaging alumni in the life of the institution.  Our assessment addresses issues of organizational structure — for staff and volunteers — along with issues related to communications and specific programmatic alumni activities.  At its heart, the assessment uncovers opportunities to enrich and advance the engagement of alumni in the life of the institution and vice versa.  It also provides the impetus for enhancing and promoting new strategies and programs that promote a vibrant community of alumni — one that is rewarding for them and the institution.

The assessment is carried out through a variety of techniques including the review of alumni demographics, giving, and affinity; alumni program reports, budgets, job descriptions, by-laws, and other materials; a peer benchmarking analysis; an online survey to alumni; and personal interviews with staff and alumni.  Following analysis of the gathered information, a report is prepared and personally delivered to the appropriate institutional audiences.  Following the report delivery, the firm is available to provide counsel on implementation of the report recommendations, should the institution request counsel.

To learn more about how Marts & Lundy may be able to help you in evaluating and improving your alumni fundraising and relations program please call Martha Keates, Director of Client Relations and Business Development at +1 201-460-1660 ext. 166 or send an email to