Governance & Leadership

The work of nonprofit institutions is becoming increasingly complex in response to a rapidly changing environment that places ever-new expectations on these institutions and their leaders.  In their work towards a common vision for the future, executive leadership and their boards are challenged to become even more strategic and skilled. They must be able to identify the outcomes that will ensure the relevance and endurance of their institutions and envision, plan and fund their aspirations.

Strong leadership is a victory, not a gift. Poor governance or ineffective leadership can lead to institutional dysfunction and even paralysis. Marts & Lundy brings an objective, dispassionate perspective to governance and leadership matters, while offering advice and recommendations on how to govern and lead an institution in a strategic, ethical, and humane manner.

Marts & Lundy consultants work in partnerships with presidents, trustees, and senior administrators, to help nonprofit institutions respond to the challenges they face. As a firm, we know what has worked well in the past but, more important, we know what is working well today and we can help you plan for a successful future.

Specific services offerings:

  • Strategy Development: Helping boards and leadership to maximize their work by identifying the ‘right’ outcomes and the strategies for achieving them.
  • Board Assessment:  Critically reviewing board policies and practices concerning board membership, member orientation process, committee structure and effectiveness.
  • Board Self Development:  Assisting senior leadership to recruit and develop a stable board with the skill and acumen to govern strategically and to develop the resources needed to advance the institution
  • Institutional Leadership Assessment: Critically reviewing the interactions amongst institutional leaders including trustees/directors, chief executive officers, chief advancement officers and chief financial officers.
  • Philanthropic Advising:  Designing workshops to help your institutional leaders understand the culture of philanthropy and provide staff and volunteers the necessary tools to successfully raise funds for your institution/organization.

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