Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning For Fundraising Strategies

Nonprofit institutions successful in developing significant philanthropic support demonstrate high quality performance resulting from a dynamic fundraising strategies and inclusive planning process. Our goal is to provide institutional leaders with counsel that focuses not merely on the development of the strategic plan but on the most effective ways to implement the plan.

Strategic plans are living documents that define overarching goals, strategies and courses of action that are monitored closely and revised with shifting conditions.  Unified by bold but realistic visions and supported by core principles that guide decision-making, strong plans include focused, integrated strategies to achieve desired results. Fully integrated strategic plans include communications and financial plans for realigning or identifying needed resources and implementation plans that tie action to institutional mission.  A fully integrated strategic plan provides not only a textured vision but a dynamic road map that identifies specified benchmarks and measurement criteria.

Careful plan implementation and monitoring facilitates leadership’s ability to track institutional achievement and to take advantage of new opportunities.  Marts & Lundy’s approach to planning fundraising strategies will assist senior leadership to:

  1. keep an active finger on plan realization and institutional achievement through measurable goals and objectives;
  1. create a stronger brand signature through an increased evidence and story pool that expands the institution’s opportunities to communicate and spotlight its achievements;
  1. ensure that members of the administrative and academic community will “own” their individual pieces of the plan;
  1. ensure that close friends will become more engaged in the goals and aspirations of the institution and, therefore, more inclined to partner with the leadership to realize those goals.

Marts & Lundy’s strategic planning service is a fluid process accomplished through external facilitation, expert counsel and objectivity. For more information on how Marts & Lundy can assist you in facilitating planning your fundraising strategies, please call Martha Keates, Director of Client Relations and Business Development at +1 201-460-1660 ext. 166, or email us at