Britt Moses

Consulting Partner

Britt joined Marts&Lundy as a Consulting Partner in 2023. In her nearly 30-year career in philanthropy, she has spent her time building relationships, working in teams, surpassing fundraising goals, and managing complex administrative environments. Britt draws on a range of professional experiences from across the sector thanks to 10 years of consulting, including independent schools, arts and culture, healthcare, historic preservation, animal welfare, and conservation. This experience has afforded her a unique perspective on private philanthropy as well as a wealth of ideas and strategies for leading colleagues and volunteers alike to new levels of success.

Currently serving as the Director of Philanthropy at The Nature Conservancy in Tennessee, Britt also served as the Director of Development and Communications at The Land Trust for Tennessee, the Associate Director of Development and Donor Relations at the National Trust for Historic Preservation, and the Director of Development at George Mason University. She understands the mechanics of a strong development function, the importance of planning and capacity building and how to take fundraising strategies forward to implementation, and knows how to build long-term, meaningful relationships with donors and partners and how to steward those relationships and investments.

A native of Nashville, Britt earned a bachelor of science in marketing from Western Kentucky University and a master of science in international economics from the University of Kentucky. She also holds a fundraising specialist certificate from The George Washington University.


Franklin, Tennessee


  • Western Kentucky University, B.S.
  • University of Kentucky, M.S.

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