How to Utilize The Philanthropy Outlook

  • What is the state of philanthropy in the United States and what does the future hold? Up until now, we have relied only on historical data to guide our thinking on this question. Now, for the first time, we have a scientifically constructed econometric model that predicts giving in the near future. While we still must look to trends of the past as a significant part of our assessment, The Philanthropy Outlook complements this knowledge by extending our view into the months and years ahead.

Solutions To The 2% Giving Crisis

  • In a recent edition of Perspectives, my colleague John Cash addressed the “2% Giving Crisis” and asked the question: Why can’t we grow philanthropy in the United States? I believe there is no other more significant problem facing the nonprofit sector today. We are losing ground to other countries, and, more importantly, many of our most needy and relevant charities are less able to serve our growing social needs through their outstanding work. 

    So how do we move the dial…significantly?

A Salute to the International $1 Million List

The 2% Crisis

  • Are we looking at a crisis in American philanthropy?  Even as we collectively marvel at the enormous successes of some of our major research universities securing gifts of unparalleled magnitude and generosity, even as we look at ever larger campaigns, and even as we see annual cash totals exceeding $1 billion at Stanford, is the philanthropic future as rosy as it would appear?

Mission-Driven ROI

  • What do you do for a living? How many of us have answered that question by giving our title and a synopsis of our job responsibilities?

An Expanded View of Philanthropy: Its Past & its Promise for the Future

  • Marts & Lundy is pleased to announce that John Ford was elected chair of the board by firm members during the firm's semi-annual staff conference. For the past few years John has worked with several Marts & Lundy clients, including MIT and the National University of Singapore, through his Of Counsel relationship with the firm. Upon his election, John shared the following thoughts on his new position and on the state of philanthropy.

Philanthropy’s Roller-coaster

  • This summer’s “philanthropy news” seems to be over-flowing with seemingly contradictory items on whether philanthropy is on an upward or downward spiral. Your personal take may depend on the institution you serve—public colleges and universities are seeing state budget cuts; Yale succeeds with a $4 billion campaign; Union Mission in LA succeeds with a focused message to major donors; independent schools find themselves struggling to balance tuition income needs with financial aid needs; medical centers are seeing large gifts back on the rise.