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Younger donors. Complex giving vehicles. Increasing significance.

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Leaving the World a Better Place

The Story of MetroHealth Cleveland

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Principal Giving in Canada

A Marts&Lundy Special Report

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Philanthropy in Aging Services

A Marts&Lundy Special Report

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Leadership Transitions

Managing Disruption During Campaigns

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Return on Effort

The Significance of Prospect Management

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Bold words are easy. Bold actions matter.

Marts&Lundy’s mission is to advance nonprofits committed to the betterment of humankind. When we say humankind, we mean all humans. To do that well, we need people and practices that reflect the change we want to see in the world and the big ideas our clients strive for.


The big IDEA: Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access


We will put action into our hiring, ideas, words, thinking, policies, processes, services. Just as mission drives us, representation must define us. We have, and always will be, on a journey right alongside our clients. Together, we will continue to move in the direction of good, toward a more inclusive, diverse, equitable, and accessible philanthropic landscape.

Our Client Diversification Initiative


Marts&Lundy’s Client Diversification Initiative (CDI) seeks to work with nonprofit organizations that drive change on the front lines of healthcare, education, social justice, climate change, diversity and more. We help build capacity through inclusive partnerships to aid in improving our society and to expand the world’s philanthropic landscape. We’re walking the talk on a reckoning of our past, transformation of our present and construction of our future with a commitment to the betterment of humankind.

The New World of Philanthropic Solutions


Expect the very best of Marts&Lundy, from how our consulting teams engage with you to how we deliver on our promise.

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Expect us to listen hard as we shape creative, impactful solutions to meet your philanthropic aspirations.

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Expect us to keep our focus forward, to lead with strategy and purpose in a time of both disruption and opportunity.

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Featured Insights

Navigating the Intersection of AI and Philanthropy

In this post we explore how we can embrace the power of AI and ChatGPT wisely and responsibly for philanthropy....

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Campaign Planning During Economic Downturns

Marts&Lundy examined campaign performance before during and after the Great Recession in order to support data-informed conversations regarding campaign planning...

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Mastering Performance Metrics

Continuous improvement is an evolutionary process. The more you learn about how your metrics are driving positive outcomes, the more...

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Handled Properly, Leadership Transitions Can Energize, Not Derail, Campaigns

As the average length of campaigns continues to increase, many institutions will experience a leadership transition during a campaign....

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$10M+ Gifts Report 2023

In this year’s annual report we examine gifts of $10M+ given in 2022. Top-line findings include: You can download the...

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MD + CEO + CDO = Three Perspectives on Grateful Giving

In this episode, Frank Interlichia, Marts&Lundy Senior Consultant & Principal, speaks with David Alexander, MD, Marts&Lundy Of Counsel, who offers...

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