Who We Serve
Health Sciences

Our Health Sciences Practice Group is made up of consultants with special expertise in working with medical centers (academic and free-standing), hospitals (systems and independents), and disease prevention related organizations (international, national and local).

This group of consultants, led by Doug Stewart, shares strategies, analyzes trends, and regularly discusses how best to assist our clients in reaching their philanthropic goals in order to further their missions. Members of our Health Sciences Practice Group are listed below.  



Senior Consultant & Principal; Leader of Strategic Communications  
Valley Forge, Pennsylvania
Associate Consultant, Client Services
Lisbon, Iowa
Senior Associate Consultant, Marts & Lundy UK
London, England
Consultant, Analytical Solutions
Austin, Texas
Senior Consultant & Principal
San Diego, California
Senior Consultant & Principal
Arvada, Colorado
Senior Consultant & Principal
Hampton Falls, New Hampshire
Senior Consultant & Principal
Palm Springs, California
State College, Pennsylvania
Senior Consultant, Strategic Communications
Franklin, Tennessee
Of Counsel, Vice President for Development at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
New York, New York
Senior Consultant & Principal
Atlanta, Georgia
Senior Consultant & Principal; Leader, Health Sciences Practice Group
San Francisco, California
Of Counsel, Higher Education and Health Sciences Practice Groups
Boston, Massachusetts
Senior Consultant & Principal; Leader, Arts & Culture Practice Group
Oak Park, Illinois
Senior Consultant & Principal; Leader of Analytical Solutions  
Austin, Texas