The Future is Bright

Focused. Forward.

The pandemic changed the course of our firm. We rightfully looked inward, refining our model, challenging our own ideas. We are emerging stronger and renewed, focusing forward.


Just over a year ago

We stopped what we were doing and started new ways of doing, not knowing what was to come…or when. 

A year later, we are inspired by how our clients have adapted, and how their donors have responded to a sharper, more urgent call to action. Similarly, we have been inspired by how our own people have not skipped a beat, shifting from conference tables and hotel rooms to stand-up desks and Zoom rooms. 

We’ve learned many lessons during this time, perhaps most importantly, that when we spend less time making flight connections, we have more time for human connections. 


We are not going back

We will establish a way of working together that becomes the new normal for our people, our clients, and our shared commitment to philanthropy’s role in creating a better future. 

To this end, we are taking our learnings from this past year to evolve our proven services and develop new ones and invest in technology that enhances our work and interactions. We are hiring new talent and developing our core team. We are diversifying the range of mission-driven organizations we serve and making a commitment to social responsibility and environmental stewardship. We are working to find personal and professional balance in an unbalanced world – all while ensuring the highest level of value rightfully expected by our clients. 

An ambitious agenda, but one we believe is essential to our firm’s role in shaping the future of philanthropy.


Bold words are easy, bold actions matter

We have partnered with the MacArthur Foundation and Lever for Change to build relationships with a more diverse range of mission-driven organizations to ensure that they have the resources and tools they need to make the world a better place.

We are bringing new levels of personalization and interactivity to how we deliver campaign planning studies, leveraging new technology to revolutionize this service.

We are developing new products, including prospect management and talent development, building client capacity to thrive in today’s fundraising environment.

These are just a few examples of the direction we are headed as a firm. We are encouraged not only by the progress we have made, but by the fact that each one of these initiatives is being driven forward by rising leaders in our own firm. The future is, indeed, bright.


For our clients, our firm and philanthropy

We will listen hard and shape creative, impactful solutions that meet philanthropic aspirations.

We will be a destination for established and emerging professionals who share our determination to lead the way in shaping the future of philanthropy.

We will stand behind our commitments to diversity, equity, and inclusion by building and investing in a culture that is welcoming, inspiring, and professionally meaningful.

We will be an engine of good change, defining our Corporate Social Responsibility agenda as a firm and by supporting the efforts of the individuals who make up Marts & Lundy.

We will amplify our commitment to innovation, challenging the status quo by taking leaps not steps toward the future of philanthropy, and then bringing our learning to every client engagement. 

We will renew our commitment to lead the way in analytics, supporting client efforts to leverage intelligence to inform strategy and drive outcomes.

We will affirm digital and new technology as a core competency in modern philanthropy, using technology to make connections, and tell deeply human, impactful stories of shared impact.

We will live out these core commitments as a firm, proudly telling a new story about Marts & Lundy and our intentions to serve our clients and the world by living our values and committing ourselves to continuous improvement and innovation. 


Our focus is forward

As we articulate our aspirations and core commitments, we are determined to ensure our focus is forward, for our clients, for our people, and for the world we seek to make better.