Leverage Intelligence to Drive Outcomes

Data-driven decisions begin with asking the right questions and end with an analysis that is thorough, reliable and of immediate use to your organization. Our analysts are fully integrated members of our fundraising consulting team, so the analytical tools we use and the reports we produce are exceptionally relevant to your distinct fundraising environment. We have been performing analytics for more than a decade, allowing us to examine the efficacy of our work over time to ensure that each of our services is producing the desired result.

The Capacity Analysis

Right Size Your Campaign

Marts&Lundy’s Capacity Analysis quantifies your institution’s fundraising potential, suggests appropriate ranges for campaign goals, calculates the number of prospects required at each gift band, and outlines the staffing required for success. On average, clients that utilized our proprietary model have raised as much as, or more than, our model predicted. Download our latest report on the significance of the Capacity Analysis.


Inform with Data Dashboards

Contextualize your organization’s performance to help further enhance fundraising programs, pinpoint strategies for maximizing engagement and guide decisions on future investments.

Trends Analysis

Assess High-Level Performance

By highlighting changes over time, you can better understand fundraising performance to date, pinpoint opportunities for improvements and identify areas where performance is strong so that you can duplicate success.

Online Survey

Broaden Your Engagement

Our online survey offers thousands of potential donors the opportunity to participate in campaign planning, energizes a broader group of supporters and serves as an efficient and cost-effective way to accurately gauge constituent potential.