Philanthropy Insights & Analytics

Aspirational goals are achieved through a commitment to harnessing data-driven insights that continuously inform strategy and strengthen implementation. Comprising various disciplines, our Philanthropy Insights & Analytics team brings together expertise in data analytics, data science, decision science, business intelligence, pipeline and prospect management, and annual giving. Drawing on deep experience and dedication to transformative results, we offer a fully customizable suite of solutions.

Advanced Analytics

Establish a Culture of Data Proficiency

Our advanced analytical techniques extract insights by analyzing donor behavior, giving patterns, and constituent data, revealing trends and patterns that optimize fundraising efforts, donor engagement, and resource allocation.


  • Analytics Counsel
  • Custom Analytics
  • Custom Benchmarking
  • Trends Analysis
  • Capacity Analysis
  • Yield Analysis
  • Mid-campaign Analysis
  • Post-campaign Analysis
  • Constituent Surveys

Business Intelligence

Use Data Visualization to Accelerate Performance

We provide actionable insights by gathering, organizing, and analyzing data into comprehensive reports and dashboards that highlight key performance indicators, monitor fundraising progress, and identify areas for improvement.


  • Business Intelligence Counsel
  • Custom Designed Dashboards and Reports

Prospect Management

Focus and Personalize Constituent Engagement

Our prospect management experts develop strategies to identify and prioritize prospective donors by establishing approaches to track prospect management activity, monitor progress, and facilitate effective donor engagement and stewardship.


  • Prospect Management Counsel
  • Productivity Analysis
  • Pipeline Management Optimization
  • Portfolio Optimization
  • Prospect Management/Prospect Development Program Assessment
  • Prospect Management Guidelines and Policy
  • Prospect Management Program Design
  • Gift Table Development
  • Prospect Pool Analysis
  • Prospect Strategy Development
  • Prospect Management Training

Annual Giving

Maximize Donor Acquisition and Retention

By employing a methodical, data-driven approach to annual giving we help you formulate tactics to segment and personalize donor outreach, drive participation, manage donor retention, and nurture the prospect pipeline.


  • Annual Giving Counsel
  • Annual Giving Program Assessment
  • Annual Giving Trends Analysis
  • Donor Journey Mapping
  • Mid-level Giving Counsel