Marts&Lundy x FosterAvenue

Digital communications. Data-driven decision making.
Rising donor expectations.

The engagement landscape has changed. How will you stay current and tap the expertise you need?

Foster Avenue, Marts&Lundy’s longstanding communications partner, is capitalizing on 40 years in fundraising communications to provide innovative solutions to mission-driven organizations. Foster Avenue services span campaign communications strategy, creative, training and planning.

During the campaign planning phase,
Foster Avenue assists Marts&Lundy clients with:

  1. CAMPAIGN COMMUNICATIONS ASSESSMENTS: Foster Avenue evaluates your communications capabilities, either as part of a larger planning study or as a standalone assessment.
  2. COMMUNICATIONS STRATEGY & PLANNING: Together with each client, Foster Avenue articulates core campaign priorities and develops comprehensive campaign marketing and communications plans.
  3. CAMPAIGN PROSPECTUS: Foster Avenue will develop a campaign rationale that will articulate your aspirations, capture donor imaginations and – crucially – build your campaign’s momentum from its earliest moments.

In addition to these initial services, Foster Avenue offers a full suite of campaign communications services through public launch, including:

Communications Strategy & Message Development: Building a resonant message that connects with donors.

Campaign Brand Development: Creating a distinctive campaign presence.

Campaign Fluency Training: Ensuring teamwide consistency and momentum in campaign communications.

Comprehensive Communications Toolkit: Facilitating cultivation with essential donors through various communications materials, such as case for support, secondary cases/college and unit cases, campaign website, campaign video and photography, and practical templates and collateral.

Communications Roadmap: Collaborative communications planning that spans the entire institution.

Major Donor Microsites: Enabling digital-first, hyperpersonalized cultivation and stewardship through Ovrture, Foster Avenue’s sister firm.

Ongoing Strategy & Production Support: Assisting in incorporating campaign messaging into other institutional communications and extending the client’s internal capacity.

Diverse Talent, Capable Team

Creating modern, high-impact philanthropic communications requires a blend of strategy, creativity, efficiency, technical know-how and, above all, passion. That’s what you will find on the Foster Avenue team. Writers who excel at their craft. Strategists who have served on the inside of institutions like yours. Project managers who are adept at breaking the inevitable logjams. Tech experts who can speed your digital transformation. Inspired artists, problem solvers and thought leaders who adopt your institution’s mission – and its distinctive challenges – as their own.

About foster avenue

Leading timely change,
built on timeless truths.

You can’t invent the future without understanding the past.
Foster Avenue’s understanding comes from a 40-year immersion in campaign communications, including many years sitting in your chair.

From that experience, we offer insightful, practical counsel that will drive your team and campaign forward.