Announcing TABS Partnership with Marts & Lundy

  • Published October 4, 2019

The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS) proudly announces the Boarding School Alliance Partnership, a dynamic new venture with best-in-class companies that serve the boarding school community. Marts & Lundy, one of three inaugural partners, has committed to a long-term, collaborative relationship with TABS and the association’s member schools.

Through this partnership, TABS will be engaging Marts & Lundy to pursue novel analysis and research, co-produce white papers, offer best practice guidance, and collaborate on other special projects. The program will improve the association’s capacity to offer thought leadership across a variety of areas important to the health and vitality of boarding schools.

“Marts & Lundy has demonstrated a high and sustained commitment to the boarding school community by seeking to understand current and evolving school needs, and by cultivating long-term relationships of enduring impact. We are thrilled with the fresh enthusiasm and innovation they bring to the TABS table,” said Pete Upham, Executive Director of TABS.

”We value the critical role Independent schools play In nurturing the talents, intellect and character of children and young adults, who In turn strengthen their communities and the world In which we live,” said Phil Hills, President & CEO, Senior Consultant & Principal, Marts & Lundy. “The opportunity to collaborate more closely with TABS and Its members will accelerate innovative solutions to an increasingly complex and competitive philanthropic marketplace and position TABS members with ever greater capacity to advance their missions.”

Karen Callahan, Marts & Lundy Senior Consultant & Principal, and Leader of the Schools Practice, expressed, “We believe the boarding school environment will keep evolving, so we want to be partners in ensuring that it’s not just what happens in the next three to four years, but long after that. This partnership will help position boarding schools to be in a much stronger position financially – to be able to stay the course, to be sustainable, to grow, to be viable, and to have stronger value propositions.”

Marts & Lundy is joined by Carney, Sandoe & Associates (Placement, Leadership Search, Consulting, and Executive Coaching), and Community Brands (Integrated Software Solutions) as partners in TABS Boarding School Alliance Partnership.

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