Mission Driven, Issue Two

  • Published March 15, 2020


When we began our work on this second issue of Mission Driven, we could never have imagined the conditions that the world now faces. Our intent, as always, was to shine a light on the remarkable impact philanthropy has in our communities, far and wide.

We’ve been discussing when to share this next issue, wondering if it might be best to further hold off on its publication. But to do that, we felt, would be allowing COVID-19 to outshine the power and goodness of philanthropy and the individuals who work tirelessly to advance their missions.

The magazine begins with a message from me titled, Boldly Into 2020. I conclude my message with this statement: “Let’s boldly join together to create new stories of how charitable giving is shaping a better world.”

Now more than ever: We must be bold. We must join together. We must ensure charitable giving shapes a better world.

So please turn the pages of Mission Driven and share its stories with colleagues and friends when you feel the time is appropriate.

On behalf of everyone at Marts & Lundy, stay safe, stay well, and be bold.


Phil Hills
President & CEO

If you would like a printed copy mailed to you, please contact sheffer@martsandlundy.com.

You can download Mission Driven, Issue Two, here.