New Staffing Models Born Out of Crisis

  • Published August 18, 2021
  • / By Marts&Lundy

As organizations across the world assess how to best structure staffing after more than a year of forced virtual work, we wanted to learn what conversations are occurring at nonprofits across sectors and across borders.

Nearly 200 advancement leaders participated in our survey from the US (77%), UK (3%), Canada (10%) and Australia (5%), and while the results mirror those of similar studies in the for-profit arena, there are some unique challenges present in organizations dependent upon donor engagement and charitable giving.

In this report, we share the results of our survey and are developing additional resources to address questions that arose during our analysis, including:

  • How should productivity metrics be adjusted to ensure managers and frontline fundraisers alike understand how to measure – and demonstrate – effectiveness.
  • What best practices are emerging in the realm of virtual engagement among staff, volunteers and leadership.
  • What strategies for donor engagement during the lockdown have proven more effective than pre-pandemic approaches and how will those strategies be applied going forward?

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Explore the report here.