The Values That Bind Us

  • Published April 6, 2020

A message from Phil Hills, President & CEO, and Doug Stewart, Chairman of the Board

Every aspect of our lives has been affected by this extreme global disruption. Institutions across the world—Marts & Lundy included—are racing to abide by CDC guidelines, comfort our loved ones, and continue to do our jobs under circumstances we never thought imaginable.

Within the unthinkable, though, is the ever-present spirit of generosity and community. Universities are establishing student hardship funds. Donors are giving millions to help health sciences discover treatments and vaccines and to support frontline caregivers. Displaced staff from schools and cultural institutions are finding ways to carry on with unwavering commitment to the mission and vision they have embraced.

We all refuse to allow this crisis to deprive us of the institutions that sustain our society. The values we share are far greater than the hardships we face.

As leaders of Marts & Lundy, we are charged with stewarding the firm’s values as well as the well-being of every member of the Marts & Lundy family. We paused this week to observe what is happening within our own firm. Are we in fact living our values in these unprecedented times, and thereby advancing philanthropy, taking care of one another and serving our clients to help them achieve their missions?

We didn’t have to pause long to recognize that at every turn, our firm’s members are not only living our values, but because of the intensity of circumstances, are also even more fierce in their determination to uphold them.

This is all to say, it’s never been more important to tell the world what you stand for. To stay committed to your mission. And in so doing, shine a light on the continued tremendous work of staff and donors and celebrate that the values and actions that bind nonprofits are alive and well.

We welcome you to tell us and show us your stories about how you, your team, and your organization are achieving your mission. We will share all your stories to shine a light on how mission driven organizations are still committed to changing the world.