Thoughts on Independent Schools from the master of Wellington College

  • Published February 16, 2021
  • / By Marts&Lundy

In this article, James Dahl, master of Wellington College, reflects on the wider role of the independent sector as the nation’s schools continue to respond to the challenges of COVID-19.

The sentiments expressed and the understanding of the merit of Independent Schools partnering across the broader UK schools system embody important values. So many of our Independent Schools have lived by these moral values pre-COVID, during COVID and, no doubt, they will continue to espouse them post-COVID. Marts & Lundy is privileged to have seen some great work being done by some of the Schools we have worked with – in the US, Canada, Australia and the UK – to address the educational attainment gap and we have seen them unselfishly step up yet further wherever they can in these difficult times. This is something to be celebrated.

Read James’ thoughts here:

The important role of independent schools in the fightback against COVID-19