UPDATE MARCH 27: Successful Healthcare Fundraising During COVID-19

  • Published March 27, 2020

Marts & Lundy remains committed to offering you the latest on successful fundraising practices during our public health crisis. The following tactics are the ones resonating most with donor audiences:

Continue regular communications with donors about COVID-19.

Hospitals, especially those in hard hit regions are communicating daily with their donors and community about updates, resources and information. We recommend corresponding with donors at least every 2-3 days. The most effective layout is one to one-and-a-half pages, easy to read/navigate, use boldface for the most important messages, bulleted lists and relevant links.

Key content includes:

  • The first message sets the tone and is about your commitment to those you serve in your community, your donors and their families
  • List and highlight resources donors can access (links to websites and FAQs)
  • Describe what your hospital is doing to care for COVID-19 patients and other patients
  • Describe what your hospital is doing to prevent COVID-19 infections
  • If appropriate, describe relevant innovation and research your hospital is conducting
  • Share personal stories of those on your care teams and how they are making a difference in the midst of crisis
  • Share stories of patients impacted by COVID-19 or those with urgent healthcare needs
  • Place a link to a “Here’s How You Can Help” landing page for your COVID-19 case for support and giving page

Consider as one of your communication channels a series of live webinars and/or on-demand videos featuring hospital and clinical leaders sharing important information and hospital updates.


We’re seeing an increasing number of hospitals beginning to fundraise proactively – and successfully – for their COVID-19 efforts.

Healthcare professionals and hospitals are increasingly viewed as true heroes in the fight against COVID-19. The result is generous giving. The common case for support elements include:

  • Technology and supplies
  • Caregiver support
  • Special and extraordinary programs implemented for treating, screening and preventing COVID-19
  • Research

As of this writing, there is no single national website to give in support of healthcare and hospitals. National media are not yet including hospitals as one of their suggested charities during this crisis. Locally communicating your case and invitation to support – including sharing with local media – is critically important.


Gift officers are continuing to engage major donors successfully by phone, email and video-conferencing.

Clients indicate that donors remain open to continuing major gift conversations for other priority programs and projects. These are encouraging, yet we recommend extreme care be taken to ensure timing and circumstances are appropriate. Beginning conversations with open questions inviting the donor’s thoughts about continuing the conversation will be important.


Campaigns and campaign preparation continue, although in a more virtual manner and a less celebratory tone.

Active and planned-for campaigns at many healthcare organizations are continuing, though cases for support are being adapted to highlight the organization’s relevance during a public health crisis. Campaign timelines are being extended. Clients indicate that volunteers and executive teams remain committed to the promise of what their campaigns will make possible, and the importance of staying committed over time to the work to be done. Gift conversations, campaign planning and campaign volunteer engagement are being accomplished in different ways and with a less celebratory tone, yet continue with encouraging momentum in many hospitals.