Strategic Roadmap

A Clear Path Forward

We begin our work with an internal assessment to inform action steps for creating—or elevating— your grateful patient and family giving program. Our recommendations focus on staffing, budget, program integration and processes to ensure you have the infrastructure in place to support a robust grateful giving program. We work collaboratively to operationalize your plan within the context of fundraising best practices, strengthening prospect and donor engagement and internally supporting staff as they work to build and broaden an understanding of the value of grateful giving.

Together, we will develop a strategic roadmap that:

  • Aligns with the overall culture and strategy of your institution
  • Is built on proven practices for sustainable growth in grateful giving
  • Elevates and accelerations high-level prospect engagement and stewardship
  • Offers strategies to increase care-provider referrals and overall philanthropic support
  • Helps build and broaden a long-term culture of philanthropy

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