Grateful Healthcare Giving

Giving with Gratitude

Partnerships for the Future of Healthcare

Giving with Gratitude is the new gold standard approach to grateful patient and family giving that combines strategy, science and training to establish a shared belief in the integral role expressions of gratitude play in a healthy and sustainable culture of philanthropy.

The Strategy

Marts&Lundy healthcare consultants ensure the planning, goal setting, program design, infrastructure and staffing are established to successfully navigate the imperatives of timeliness, trust and collaboration. This includes serving as senior advisors to the institution’s top administrative and clinical leadership to establish clear lines of communication as well as involving other members of the Marts&Lundy Healthcare Practice to assist with implementation.

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The Science

DonorSearch Ai maximized artificial intelligence to make fundraising smarter. Through an interactive visualization tool that integrates multiple datasets, DonorSearch Ai provides actionable insights. Powered by the most advanced machine learning, the algorithms dramatically improve fundraising efficiency by producing near real-time predications of a patient’s likelihood to give in the next 12 months based on their unique healthcare journey.

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The Training

We know that the best performing programs are forged over time, continually invite collaboration with clinicians and key leaders and operate with a shared set of guiding principles that mirror the institution’s values. Our Philanthropy Champions Program is a long-term and personalized approach to education and coaching of physicians, caregivers and advancement professionals. It is a holistic approach that begins with understanding how to identify and recruit clinicians who are best suited for a champions role and assigning them to advancement partners, establishing a collaborative relationship that moves Champions from the “theory of grateful giving” into practice.

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“I remember vividly a conversation with one seven-figure donor, the widow of a Parkinson’s Disease patient who had been seen by the same physician for a number of years. When asked if it ever felt uncomfortable or awkward to talk about giving with the physician, she responded without hesitation:  ‘After what we’d been through together, he could talk to me about anything.’ Then she added, ‘In fact, I wondered what took him so long to bring it up!’”

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