Marts&Lundy Endorses Framework for Responsible AI in Fundraising

  • Published July 25, 2023
  • / By Marts&Lundy

Mission-driven organizations rely on donors’ trust to fuel vision and achieve real impact. The extreme acceleration of the use of AI requires that we are proactive in how it intersects with the work of nonprofits – particularly as it is used in prospect management and donor engagement.

Marts&Lundy has endorsed the Fundraising.AI Framework for Responsible AI in Fundraising. Crafted by a collaboration of more than 90 professionals and organizations, the guide facilitates responsible AI applications in fundraising. Led by our Vice President for Philanthropy Insights & Analytics Sarah Clough, Marts&Lundy is actively involved in the initiative and our consultants are helping clients establish and adhere to guidelines for Responsible AI in Nonprofit Fundraising. You can learn more about the initiative here:

Our firm is also a sponsor of the collaborative’s inaugural Global Summit on Responsible Fundraising AI, a two-day virtual gathering that will take place Oct. 23-24, 2023. The intent of the Summit is to provide a platform for insightful discussions and collaborations on the use of AI in fundraising. It will cover various topics, including deep learning, cloud computing, generative AI, automation, ethical considerations, transparency, accountability, privacy, security, and legal compliance. The goal is to equip the fundraising ecosystem with the knowledge and tools necessary to harness the potential of AI while upholding ethical and responsible practices.